• Alana

What is 'Orange Wine' and What’s all the Hype About?

Read on to find out what the new’ish hype is for an old wine! (*Special guest post on 'Girls Drink Wine Too' - full article @ )

What IS ‘orange wine’?

But first, what exactly is ‘orange wine’? You might be seeing more and more wine lists tooting orange, amber, skin-contact, macerated or ramato (meaning ‘auburn’, if you happen to be in the Friuli-Venezia region of Italy that borders Slovenia) wine sections and wondering just what it’s all about.

The technique and process of making orange wine itself is ancient but has resurfaced in the last decade or two and has increasingly gained traction and popularity – albeit sometimes in a polarizing fashion. Drop the terms ‘natural wine’ or ‘orange wine’ amongst wine geeks and just wait for a heated debate to start!

*Special guest post on 'Girls Drink Wine Too' - continue reading @ )

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